Customer Surveys

The following reviews were compiled from a recent independent marketing survey conducted on behalf of Swanson's Fruit (and Vegetable) Company. The following quotations have been extracted from a series of interviews made with a cross section of the company's customers.

During the interview each individual was asked:

  • How long their company had been trading with Swansons
  • How they had found the produce quality during that time.
  • How well did the company respond in the event of there being a problem.
  • How was their working relationship with Swansons when ordering etc.
  • How helpful and punctual had they found the delivery drivers.

"We are delighted with the results from the first wave of interviews and we look forward to adding more reviews to this page as time goes by."
Magnus Swanson
MD, Swansons Fruit


Bruno - Head Chef, Torridon Hotel, Achnasheen:

"I have been using Swanson's for the last two and a half years here at the Torridon, but in all I have traded with them for eight years or so. I can honestly say that I have always found the produce to be absolutely fantastic.

"The delivery driver we have is excellent and he always makes it his business to see that we get exactly what we need and that it's all in the best condition. Swanson's are a great company to do business with...if all the suppliers that I have to deal with were like them, my job would be a whole lot easier."

Roy - Owner, Alvey House Hotel, Newtonmore:

"We have traded with Swanson's for just a year and have always found their produce to be very good indeed. The service is very reliable and always friendly. With regard to replacement of over ripe produce etc, I don't remember us ever having a problem all year. They keep their prices keen and offer an excellent service."

"I would have no reservation in recommending them to anyone."

Eileen - Owner, Kincraig Stores, Kincraig:

"I've been using Swanson's since early summer this year and I have always found the produce to be great. This is important to me as my customers would soon be giving me a hard time if they bought fruit and vegetables that were anything short of excellent. Swanson's are reliable and the delivery driver, who is a lovely chap is always helpful and friendly."

"I find that the prices are keen and the company is easy to deal with at all levels."

Amanda - Owner, Northshots, Ballintean:

"We have been trading with Swanson's for just over a year now and the reports that I get from the kitchen is that everything thing is always on time and first class. I believe that the prices are always keen, although I think that it's always worth paying a few extra pence per kilo just to ensure that we get the good produce and service that we receive from Swanson's."

"I would happily recommend Swanson's to anyone."

Colin - Owner, Carrbridge Hotel, Carrbridge:

"In all, I've been trading with Swanson's now for about twelve years. Our particular Hotel's trade is very much cost lead, so the prices have to be extremely keen. I have always found the quality of Swanson's produce to be of excellent standard and I can't remember ever having to test the returns policy with unusable items. Everyone in the company is always very courteous and pleasant to deal with."

"I have no problem in recommending Swanson's to anyone that is looking for quality fruit vegetables and dairy produce at good prices."

Ian - Head Chef, The Craigmonie Hotel, Inverness:

"I have been using Swanson's now for about five years and believe me I wouldn't be with them all this time if I thought for one minute that their product wasn't top notch. They can always supply everything that I want, there might be the odd time that there are seasonal shortages, but that effects everyone. I would say that 99 times out of a hundred the produce is really good and there are no problems...and if ever we do get the odd bad apple (like anybody does), then it only takes a phone call and they are more than happy to put things right at the first opportunity."

"I have no intention of even thinking about looking for deliveries from elsewhere, why should I?"

Steven - Owner, Rocpool Rendezvous Restaurant, Inverness:

"I have been using Swanson's here at the restaurant for about eight years now. One of the main reason for doing so is that the quality of their produce is just so good. And fortunately one of their best features is that in the rare event that something does go wrong, they always fix it with no hassle. We have always found that the deliveries times are reliable. The company has a regular crew of knowledgeable van drivers, who are always very friendly and ready to help by carrying the delivery to where ever we need it placed."

"Swanson's are one of the few companies these days that shows it cares."

Andrew - Owner, Craigard Guest House, Invergarry:

"We have been trading with Swanson's for nearly three years, and I especially like the fact that they deliver three times a week as this allows me to keep my stock levels down to a minimum and consequently saving me precious space in my kitchen. I have recently begun ordering my dairy requirements with them and have found all of the produce to be excellent and in the quantities that we can use. The service has always been consistently good and the people are always helpful and very friendly. Combine that with the great quality of the fruit and veg."

"I am more than happy with Swanson's, they were an excellent find."

Chris - Owner, The Light House B&B, Gairloch:

"We are probably one of Swanson's smallest customers and we are located about 12 miles on from the village of Gairloch, situated right on the coast. We are fortunate enough to have an arrangement with a village store, whereby Swansons deliver our order there, so that we drive in and collect it when we can. I must say that it's always well wrapped, packaged, sorted and so on when we pick it up."

"The good thing is that if there is any kind of a problem, they are nice people to phone and they get things sorted out very quickly."

Ian - Head Chef, The Lochardil Hotel, Inverness:

"We have been using Swanson's now for about seven or eight years. We have always been very pleased with their products and the quality standard is excellent. If ever we do have a problem they simply exchange it. To place an order, I prefer to ring up the night before and leave my order on the answer machine, and it�s always accurate and delivered next day. To be fair, if we're going to be busy here I normally ring them the week before to give plenty of notice, that way we are both well prepared. I have always found the delivery driver to be helpful and he always makes sure that everything is okay before leaving."

"I can honestly say that I am very happy with Swanson's, they help to make my life easier by delivering great stuff."

Stefan - Head Chef, The Mustard Seed:

"The company has been trading with Swanson's since they opened almost nine years ago now. I have been with the restaurant myself for about five and a half years nearly and I am delighted with Swansons, we have a great working relationship. I like to get to know all of my trade suppliers personally, as I am often in touch several times a day when things are really busy...and it's good that they have the personal touch. Swanson's would ring me and remind me to place my order. I find this very handy. If we ever do have a problem with any product it is quickly replaced and there is never any quibble. Their products are so good in any case it hardly ever happens."

"Everything is always tip top and we can't complain at all."

Gina - Owner, Ferroch Guest House, Gairloch:

"I have been with Swanson's for 3 years now and I am very happy. I have always found their produce to be spot on, I'm a cook and I'm also very fussy. If ever I do find a problem with anything, I simply let them know, there are never any qualms at all, they simply exchange it at the first possible opportunity...and as they are passing my door three times a week, that's pretty quick. I have always found the delivery driver marvellous and very helpful. He always carries the boxes to where ever I want them and if I have the time they are more than pleased to check them off. If we find any problems we sort it out there and then. I know that there are other companies that I can use, but I'm very happy and I have no intention of even looking elsewhere."

"If anybody ever wants to ring me and ask me about them, I am more than willing to speak with them and sing Swanson's praises."

Helen - Owner, Glen Albyn Lodge Bed and Breakfast, Invergarry:

"We have been trading with Swanson's since opening almost three years ago. I was recommended to use them by a fellow B&B'er in Invergarry and it was the best trade supply contact that we have made to date. When we are busy I can rely on them to deliver great quality produce in large volumes, and when we are not so busy they will drop off anything that I need, right down to a single lemon if needs must. It's good to know that even though we are forty miles from Inverness and twenty miles from Fort William, we can get such excellent reliable service to our door three times a week. I have no reservations about recommending Swanson's to anyone. Top quality produce at trade prices."

"We are proof that you don't need to be a big company to be treated well by Swansons."