Swansons Fruit Company - Retail Products and Services

Retail Overview

Swansons Fruit Company operates from three outlets in the Highlands and Moray: Inverness is mainly a wholesale depot but the public are also welcome. Nairn boasts a busy greengrocers shop on Leopold Street with an equally active wholesale branch behind the shop. For more details see Our Stores page.

The benefits of shopping at your local greengrocer are as follows:
  • Most of the produce is truly local whenever possible
  • It is often picked the same morning, something a supermarket could never match
  • Food miles are low, saving on carbon emissions
  • Prices are usually lower e.g our locally sourced eggs are around 25% cheaper then the supermarket
  • We stock goods which are impossible to find elsewhere such as dirty carrots and marmalade oranges (in season)
  • Our staff get to know our customers and are happy to chat and help
  • We offer a free delivery service to most areas
  • You are supporting local farmers and a locally owned business
We also run a successful Fruit to Work scheme in workplaces across the Highlands.

We sell outdoor bird feed products.

We also have a seasonal range of products, including Christmas Trees.


Iceberg Lettuce available year round


For more information on our Wholesale services to trade, customers should click on WHOLESALE for details of our distribution areas, delivery times, products and services and contact details.