Swansons Fruit Company - Wholesale Products and Services

Wholesale Overview

We carry a stock of over 3,000 items, and we can source almost any fruit or vegetable which is in season as well as a wide range of fresh herbs, mixed salad and exotics.

A Swansons VanWe employ a full time buyer on Glasgow Fruit Market. This gives use a great advantage in quality, price and the ability to find special offers and unusual items.

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Product Source

Our fresh produce is sourced primarily from Glasgow International Fruit Market. It is purchased from large specialist companies. They have full traceability procedures in place, as we do, where any product can be traced right back to the farm it was grown on.

Much of our produce is grown for use on local farms thus ensuring optimum freshness, again items can be traced back to point of origin.

Quality Assurance

We operate a no quibble refund/replacement if you are not delighted with any item we deliver. In addition, our produce is regularly inspected by the Department of Agriculture, and we have our own in-store quality control systems. A strict rotation system is used.

Rentokil are retained by us on a full contract to carry out regular inspections for pests or vermin, and to take remedial action in the rare event of any problem.


Our chilled produce is stored at the relevant optimum temperature, between 3 and 6 degrees Celsius for most items. We also have freezer storage and can offer third party distribution on fresh foods.


Locally grown turnips


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